Press Info

Media personnel should report to the PGI's "Member's Only" entrance at the CamPlex facility in Gillette, WY.

Members of the Media are allowed on the grounds during the Convention's operating hours which are 9:00 am to midnight Saturday August 10th through Friday, August 16th, 2019.

NOTE: A driver's license and / or business card are not adequate press credentials.

Press Packets

Media Packets and complimentary entrance passes / parking passes will be available to the media.

Members of the media are required to register at the security gate, sign necessary forms, receive credentials and remain with the provided PGI escort at all times other than inside the public seating area.

On public display nights, media will have to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to displays or we may not be able to provide an escort on site.

Media personnel may not videotape, photograph or interview anyone without the consent of the presenter or a member of the PGI's Board of Directors.

The press is invited to videotape or photograph the displays or demos featured each evening.

Press must wear the allotted PGI badge as well as their own press credentials while on PGI grounds at all times, and remain with their escort, relinquishing the PGI badge upon departure.

Online Media Kit

Press Release Pyrotechnics Guild to Set Gillette on Fire

Stock Photo - High (350dpi, 12M)

Stock Photo - Med (250dpi, 1.3M)

Interview Contacts

Tom Sklebar, PGI Media Representative (701-320-4171)

Paul Smith, PGI President (765-430-8270 CST)