Seminar Pre-Registration, Schedule (see Agenda), & Info

Seminar Pre-Registration, Schedule (see Agenda), & Info


The 2022 PGI Convention Seminar Schedule
is posted on the
Convention, Agenda & Displays menu. (HERE)

On-site Seminar registrations will be held on Sunday, 7/31 @ 9AM (CHANGE IN TIME)
Location: Seminar Main Building (Mediacom Media Building (aka HyVee buildling))


Latest Pre-Registration Info

Pre-registration for the following seminars/classes will start at exactly 12:00 noon central time on Saturday July 23rd.
NOTE: 12:00 noon means 12:00 noon and not 11:59.  Any emails time-stamped prior to 12:00 noon will be ignored.

Pre-registration is available for up to half the seats in the class. The remaining seats will be reserved for on-site registration (9AM Sunday July 31st).  This is a new day and time this year in an effort to help people who cannot arrive early due to work schedules.  Please DO NOT REGISTER for a class if you aren’t confident you will attend.  Seats may be limited.  The presenters will keep a standby list so if you need to cancel, please contact them.

How to pre-register?

Send the following information to the appropriate seminar presenter.  You will pay the presenter at the start of the seminar.

STARTING AT 12:00 Noon Central Time - Saturday, July 23, 2022. Any registration emails prior to that time will be ignored.  Any registrations to the wrong email address will be ignored.

Subject: <Enter the Seminar Name>  (Whichever seminar you are registering for that are listed below - , only one subject per email)
Participant #1: Name: <Enter Name #1>
Participant #1 Phone number: <Enter Phone Number>
Participant #2 Name: <Enter Name #2>
Participant #2 Phone Number: <Enter Phone Number>

Turned Edge Applique Made Easy/Make A Quilt Label – Tuesday 9AM to 1:30 in the Media Deadline Room.  $4.00 Fee.  Maximum of 40 people.  20 seats will be available for pre-registration.
Send to email address:

Flamethrowers  -- Sunday 2:00-3:30 Open C Shoot Site (No maximum)  $5.00 Fee
Send to email address:

Beginners 3in Italian Shell Class (2 Day Class) Sunday 12:00PM to 5:00PM (Part 1) and Tuesday 2:00PM to 6:00PM (Part 2)  in the Tech Center. 
Each participant MUST TAKE BOTH PARTS!  $40.00 Fee.  25 People Maximum, 12 seats reserved for On-Site registration
Send to email address:

Finale 3D: Interactive Design in the DMX Room:  Want to design a light show and see it LIVE? Join Will Harvey from Finale Fireworks for a one-of-a-kind interactive experience in the Finale 3D DMX Room. New to DMX? No problem! No previous Finale 3D or DMX experience is necessary. Learn the addictively fun process of designing a DMX show and see it brought to life with the array of light fixtures in the DMX Room.  This will be offered once a day on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at 1:00PM.  It will last for one hour.  When registering please identify which section you would prefer.
Send to email address:

MUM Pyro Courses Pre-Registration Info (starts 7/16 @ 6PM CENTRAL Timezone)

MUM Pyro Seminars Offered:
4" single petal shells (2 shells) @ $45 (2 hours*)
5" single petal ball shell with pistil @ $40 (2 hours)
6" double petal shell @ $50* (2 hours)
Member Built Display @ $125* (20-30 hours)

* Prices and times are estimates and are subject to change

Send the following information to:
STARTING AT 6:00pm Central, Saturday, July 16, 2022

NOTE: Any registration emails prior to that time will be ignored.

Proper subjects for email: 4" Seminar Registration, 5" Seminar Registration, 6" Seminar Registration, Members Display Registration.
(Whichever seminar you are registering for, only one subject per email)

Subject: <Enter ONE subject from above>
Participant #1: Name: <add participant's name>
Participant #1 Phone number: <add participant's phone number>
Participant #2 Name: <add 2nd participant's name>
Participant #2 Phone Number: <add 2nd participant's phone number>

Subject: 5" Seminar Registration
Participant #1: Name: John Doe
Participant #1 Phone number: 899-555-1234
Participant #2 Name: Jane Deer
Participant #2 Phone Number: 899-555-4321

Pre-registration will be accepted based on the timestamp of when the email is delivered. If you
are accepted into one of the seminars, you will receive a confirmation email in the following
day or two (by 7/20 at the latest) and will have the option of paying online through Venmo or Paypal.

TILFORD & TILFORD Courses Pre-Registration Info

Pre-registration is now open for the PGI 2022 Tilford and Tilford workshops.

Here are the 2022 offerings:
Sparkulator Candelabra - Tuesday, 9-11 a.m. @ $45
Mini Holiday Crackers - Tuesday, 3-4 p.m.@ $12
Angel Wheel - Wednesday, 9-11 a.m. @ $45

PRE-REGISTRATION is now available through PAY PAL
NOTE: To pay for workshops on PayPal is easy with the following steps...

1. Go to PayPal and sign in. At the top of the web site you see selections
2. Click on MONEY. Then click on: SEND or REQUEST, then Click on PAY FOR GOODS or SERVICES
3. You will see a place to type in
4. Type in
5. Click NEXT. Put in the amount you are sending for the workshops
6. Please ADD A NOTE stating the name of person attending and which workshop
7. Then SEND (USD means US Dollars)

We will get an email from PayPal about your fees payment and at that point, you are registered.
Also, if you can send us an email stating that you have registered and for which workshop, that will second verify your transaction and registration.



Bios for each presenter (as provided by the presenter) are available on Whova (HERE).