September President's Report

The PGI Board of Directors, in a usual fall, send representatives to National Fireworks Association (NFA) and to American Pyrotechnics Association (APA) conventions.  Both of those conventions have been canceled for this year.  The NFA held out as long as they could and then realized with all they had done it was not going to be enough.  Less than 50 people had signed up to be there in person and there was not a strong sign up for members to watch the proceedings virtually. The NFA will now focus on their Spring Expo in Mobile, AL for March of 2021. The APA was able to 'lift and shift' their convention ahead two years and will be in Kansas City in 2022. The APA will decide in October if they are holding a  2021 Las Vegas winter meeting. The annual convention in September 2021 is still scheduled for San Antonio, TX.

The Board has now met several times and minutes of all our discussion and actions are in this upcoming bulletin #219. 

Bulletin #219 is being finalized at this point and sent to the printer.  This bulletin will also include the calendar.  Due to our changes last year this is now the final bulletin for 2020.  Bulletin #220 will be out in January and the first one for that calendar year.

Several changes are listed in the minutes along with our discussion and further information.  I want to get notice out now on one key change.

The grace period is removed.  December 31, 2021 all our memberships expire unless you have bought multiple years or are a life member.  Please make note of this now and get your renewal in by December 31, 2020 for your 2021 membership. The renewal forms will be included in the mailing of this next bulletin #219, and also up on our website.


On the potential new site's category, we are here and there getting contacted by interested parties. Most of the time they are eager for hosting our convention but do not meet all the key criteria needed for our event to happen at their site.  We have a couple sites we are exploring and visiting to verify all the key areas are workable to host a convention.

It has been encouraging to see that several of the regional clubs have been able to work through all the COVID-19 restrictions and hold some of their events.  Bruce Blom and I will be attending the OPAG/BPG joint club shoot on Oct 9-11th . I will make a presentation about the PGI Display Operators Course and Bruce is promoting PGI membership.  In the update next month, I will send along a report of our participation at this joint region club meeting.


On behalf of the PGI Board