September 2022 - President's Article

The PGI Board of Directors sends representatives to the National Fireworks Association, NFA, and the American Pyrotechnics Association, APA conventions.  In early September I was able to attend the NFA in Kingsport, TN.  Their attendance was like last year and down due to many of their Chinese members not being able to attend.  Our 1st VP John Steinberg and I are attending the APA convention in Kansas City this week on behalf of the PGI.  This group had a strong attendance now that many of its members can return after the challenges of the pandemic.

Networking at these conferences has proved to be helpful to the PGI in advancing our mission of doing fireworks safely.  These organizations have recognized that the PGI existed over the years but now through regular contact in these meetings, we can have input and influence on how we can work together to promote the sale of fireworks and using them safely.  I have had discussions with Michael O'Lena Head with the ATF who is in charge of a new program focusing on modernizing terms and definitions used in ATF regulations.  He will be reaching out to the leadership of the PGI and other pyrotechnic organizations this next month seeking industry input on this effort.  If you have input or questions about this program, send them along to

You can help your fellow PGI members by encouraging them to check the website for information and also get signed up for the discussion list at  To sign up they can  go to for further information.

Camping info is being worked on and once we have organized all the key details, we will send out the information for camping on-site at WIR.  The camping area will be like it was in Newton with generators providing the power, and the pump outs and water being delivered by truck.  There are no full-service hookups for the onsite camping. Those wanting to know about onsite camping will see the information first on the discussion list and the website under the convention tab.

Next month I will send along more convention information after we have held the fall planning meeting.

On behalf of the Board,