President's May Update

May 2022 PGI President Post

Only 72 days until the 2022 Convention, ThunderStruck. This is our first new site since 2013 in Butler, PA. The site has differences that you need to make note of as you plan to attend. I will make mention of them in these updates, on the website, and in upcoming bulletins. This is the first site since I have been attending the convention that the grandstands are completely separated from the track. The only way onto the track and infield is through the tunnel, like you see at most NASCAR tracks. We have literally thousands of seats available for PGI members in the grandstands and members can also put their seats on the main straightway around a 1000 ft of space on or along the track. But you cannot go directly from the grandstands down onto the track, they are separated by a high, chain-link fence.

More information will be presented, but this year a people-mover trolley will have a regular route around the Iowa Speedway site to assist PGI members as they attend various seminars and activities throughout the day.  We will publish the route it will take, where it will stop, and the times it will run. It will also help move members into the track if they choose to sit there for the evening displays (or members can walk-in).

Be aware that due to the convention starting July 30 this will come up fast being only 26 days after the 4th of July.

The tickets for the public to attend our 3 display nights (Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday) are available here:

Craig, our VP of Communication, has completed the March/April bulletin and it is being printed now and mailed. The May/June bulletin is being worked on and will be mailed in early June and the pre-convention bulletin will go out at the beginning of July.

Take advantage of the lower convention registration price by going online and registering before June 1st, 2022.

Also, note that Julie will have these hours at convention:

  • Friday, 7/29, 2 – 5p.m. (onsite staff and pre-registration only)
  • Saturday, 7/30, – Thursday 8/4, 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.
  • Friday, 8/5, – 12 – 2 p.m.

Other convention details:

Please consider how you can volunteer this year. You can send an email to or sign up with the form on our website. You will then be contacted by those heading up the area in which you have expressed interest.

Speaking of volunteers, a big thank you to Ray Lee for his many years of serving as the Security Chair. He has announced he will step down after this convention and retire from leading Security. He is asking for the members to consider volunteering for security and seek him out this year about getting involved with this important PGI Team.

Manufacturing is accepting registration for spaces starting June 1st. Look for the form here on June 1st.  It must be the 2022 form you send, and it must be sent on June 1st or thereafter.

We get notice of members retiring from doing fireworks, or sadly sometimes they have died, and they or their family want to donate or need assistance in dealing with their pyrotechnic materials. This year, there is a person who is retiring, moving, and wants to donate his materials to a PGI member that will make use of them. NOTE: He is moving in early June. Here is his information and please contact him if you are interested.

Craig Smith
1859 S. Ulm Street
Watkins, CO  80137
(303) 929-9350

The supplies are contained in two metal storage lockers, each about 7ft tall, 3 ft wide, and 18 inches deep. These lockers will also be donated.

On behalf of the PGI Board,