October President's Report

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, ........."  Charles Dickens


This quote fits our current situation in the fireworks community.  Those who are involved in the business of 1.4 consumer fireworks had, in many cases, record sales this year. Those in the 1.3 display fireworks business have had the worst of times and in some cases their time will end and they will close their business.  At the same time, the government in China is wanting to reclassify some 1.4G items which are over 30mm, reloadable shells, 9 shot racks, and more as 1.3G. This is not final, and negotiations resulted in a grace period up to November 30, 2020, for 30-50mm items. Julie Heckman, APA's Executive Director requested a meeting with high-ranking officials at the U.S. Department of Transportation, Office of Pipeline & Hazardous Materials Safety Administration to brief agency decision-makers on China's reclassification of certain consumer fireworks.  PHMSA is fully committed to working with APA to resolve this classification matter. Additionally, officials have stated their desire to work with the APA on developing short-term interim measures to aid the industry if importers need to import consumer devices as 1.3G.

The PGI Board continues to meet at least monthly and we are having dialog and communication with those in the APA and NFA that are working on these matters.  Since neither of these organizations had their conventions, they have done meetings virtually. This week I participated in the APA annual meeting that is usually held during their October annual fall convention.


I am pleased to report that both Bruce and I attended the Octoblast meeting of OPAG and BPG in southern Indiana.  This resulted in several new members and a good time communicating with a couple of our long time regional clubs.


Fargo Convention August 7-13, 2021 is being planned and we are now factoring in how to go ahead even if there are COVID-19 restrictions.


Special note about your camping reservation for 2021 at RRFV. If you made a reservation for 2020 it was automatically rolled over to 2021 by RRVF, provided you renewed your PGI membership for 2020. Only current PGI members may reserve camping space for Convention. If you have not renewed your 2020 membership for PGI your camping space reservation now will go to a current PGI member on the waiting list.  The instructions for keeping a camping reservation were posted at the end of May. In case you missed this here is the info:



Make note that the deadline for the membership renewal at $75 is December 31, 2020.  After that date, all memberships are at $100.00. You can renew now using the form listed on the website- https://www.pgi.org/sites/default/files/2021%20Member%20Renewal%20fillable%209-20-2020%20FINAL.pdf  and a hardcopy of this will be in with your next bulletin and the calendar.


We are on the final stretch of having an online membership system.  Notice will be sent as soon as it is ready.


On behalf of the PGI Board,