October President's Report

I am announcing with this monthly update that the PGI Board has unanimously approved going to Sunnyview Expo Center in Oshkosh, WI in 2021, August 14-20.


It is vitally important you focus on the dates for this convention Aug 14-20, 2021 which are a week later than even our dates for Gillette. 

Please start planning now for a convention during the 3rd week in August in 2021. 


We are making the date change for only this site because they do not have our usual dates available.


We will begin to get information out about this site but one of the easiest and quickest ways to be informed on Oshkosh is to attend the upcoming convention in Fargo.


I have mentioned to you about the CPSC vote which happened on September 24 with the commissioners voting down the proposed rule to amend current fireworks regulations. The PGI Board is pleased that the commission recognized the deficiencies that were in the proposed rule and chose not to implement them.

During the same week, the CPSC vote was taking place John Steinberg and I attended the annual APA convention. Each of us is now on standing committees for the APA and attend their meetings during the convention.  This most recent convention in Naples John participated in the Code Committee and l participated in the Manufacturing Committee.


This organization has a younger generation component the APSEF American Pyrotechnics Safety Education Foundation.  John and I are now active board members of APSEF.   This foundation is led by the next generation of the APA.  The current president is Jason Trout who I was able to spend time with while I attended the NFA convention. We continue to dialog on how we can partner to promote safety and educate people about the use of fireworks. They have a great website https://www.celebratesafely.org/  with informative and useful resources.  Look at the videos with Professor Sparks which will catch a young child’s attention and convey fireworks information for all ages.  https://www.celebratesafely.org/dr-sparkz-videos

  I was able to preview a great new video, on using Sparklers safely, that will be posted there soon.


Some questions have been asked recently about camping and I want to remind everyone that the policies on camping continue to be the same as the past several conventions.  The website continues to get updated and here is the link for the camping policies on the new PGI website: https://www.pgi.org/pgi-convention

Yes, Red River Valley Fairgrounds in Fargo has filled many of their camping sites but contact them info@redrivervalleyfair.com  https://redrivervalleyfair.com  (701) 282-2200 and verify with them and see if the camping site you want is available. Then if there is not availability, since it is still early in preparing for Fargo, consider getting on their waiting list.


Based on a search done shortly after the convention this past August here are some prices from hotels in Fargo.

*             Microtel West Fargo $85

*             Wingate $90

*             Hampton Inn and Suites $75

*             Sleep Inn and Suites $89

*             La Quinta $89


On behalf of the PGI Board,