October President's Post

October Article for Pyropage Post

We had a productive and positive fall planning meeting on Oct 29th.  The paperwork has been submitted and we await the Buchanan Town Council’s decision on our permits after their meeting on Nov 15, just a of couple weeks from now. The dates for this site would be Aug 5 through 11th, 2023. We had a great meeting with Wisconsin International Speedway (WIR) owners, Ginger and Dan van Daalwyk.  They are doing what they can to help us receive a positive response from the Buchanan Town Council.

We are also looking at the Oshkosh site, Sunnyview Expo Center, for the dates August 12-18, 2023. The permit applications for the Sunnyview/Oshkosh site were completed and filed thanks to work by Craig Hetherington, Craig Foster, Eddie Hostetter, and John Steinberg. One other option is also under consideration. Our convention business manager, 2nd VP Carol Hostetter, and our “deputy” convention business manager, Craig Hetherington, assisted by PGI volunteers Ruth and Jimmy Beardmore, Joe Schroeder, Paul Wagner, Brent Anderson, John Steinberg, and many other PGI volunteers continue to work on-site development for 2023 and future years.

I know many of you are anxious to know the dates and location for the 2023 convention. PGI Members, please understand that once the 2023 location is confirmed the board will immediately inform you. We will continue to work toward this confirmation with all haste While this is challenging, please be aware that our fine 1st VP, when he was also our convention business manager, has been through this before, back in 1999, and had to organize the details of an entire convention starting in February of 2000 for August 2000. Muskegon was unable to secure the required permits as they had been able to do in 1996. In February 2000, we had to decide to move the convention to Fargo. So, yes, we can plan and execute a convention development on very short notice.  I am sympathetic to those who need to make long-range plans and I and our team are pushing to get this finalized as soon as possible. At our next Board meeting on 11-21-2022, I am reasonably confident we can finish up on the details for the convention site and dates for 2023. I really appreciate everyone on our team who is working on getting this done, especially Carol, Craig, Jimmy Beardmore, and John.

 Spirit of 76 Fireworks has asked that we pass this information along to our members from this recent news release: https://76fireworks.com/2022/10/05/spirit-of-76-fireworks-announces-partnership-with-giuliani-fireworks/

 ATF modernization-

When I attended the NFA and APA Conventions I was made aware that the ATF, after 50 years of regulatory work, is looking to update and modernize the orange book.  They made this announcement there and to the APA and other organizations’ representatives in attendance and they then had an open ZOOM meeting on October 24.  I was invited on behalf of the PGI to attend. A couple of key ATF folks in this effort know us well.

They are Mike O’Lena and Bill O’Brien.  I had a good chat with Bill at this past APA convention and he was willing and eager to do the seminar on getting your ATF license as they did in LaPorte. He and I will work to organize and set this up again for our next convention, so members wanting to walk through the process could potentially do everything needed to apply for a license at this seminar.

Be aware that the update on the orange book and other regulations cannot violate or change current law but they can update terms and make the definitions of terms more reflective of current use.  They are asking for input on this from now until December 31st.

So, if you view parts of the Orange book that seems outdated or not clear send them along to president@pgi.org  I will send them along making them aware of your concern and interest. Some topics of interest in discussions already held are the issue of storing salutes and where e-matches are stored and counted. They recommend you work off the most updated version of the Orange book which is located at https://regulations.atf.gov/555

One final reminder on sending in your proposal for the position of Membership Service Manager.

See information at https://www.pgi.org/sites/default/files/PGI%20MSM%20RFP_Sep2022.pdf

Remember this is due by November 31, 2022.

This will arrive in your email in November due to sending this after our planning meeting. So, view this as the October update and look for the next update after our Board meeting later in November.

 On behalf of the PGI Board,