May President's Report

May has been a most unusual month, and it looks to continue that way.  I am usually sending along the results of our Spring planning meeting at this time. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was greatly reduced and done online.  We have continued to prepare for a convention in Fargo but are fully aware we may be prohibited from holding it by state leadership or the state health department.


At this time, the North Dakota state fair has been canceled, and the fair at RRVF was just canceled Tuesday, May 12th. While things do not look good for us to hold our convention, we still want to be prepared should things opening back up go well.  With that in mind, we are extending the deadline for early registration to June 15th.


 We expect to have a decision on the 2020 convention by mid-June and are trying to make that decision by June 8th. The recent survey is generating some solid data with over 500 responses at this point.  It is still open, and if you have not provided your input, here is the link.


If we were to do a more reduced event, not a convention but more like a region club festival, the info from the survey gives us some ballpark numbers for calculations.


The PGI Board had a Zoom meeting this morning to discuss the status of the convention and what could be done if the convention is canceled. On May 26th, we have another online meeting with RRVF, and at that point, we may find out if we are still permitted to have our convention there. Or they may ask us to wait another two weeks.


Canceling the convention would cancel PGI Board officer elections as our Bylaws do not provide for voting other than in the context of a convention.  The Board has already been discussing this possibility. Here is our thinking to date:


  • We have also consulted with PGI counsel, Mr. John Brooke on this issue
  • First, we have to determine what, if any event, we are holding this summer
  • Then we will consider our election options.
  • While we will examine Illinois corporate governance law and our Bylaws, our overriding concern is to be as fair to as many members as possible
  • Our Bylaws specify staggered elections, two-year terms, and restrict voting to members attending the convention
  • They have no provisions for not holding a convention.
  • PGI is chartered in Illinois. Illinois corporate law says that in the event corporations can't meet to elect officers, those in office continue to serve
  • All of us are concerned that if a few hundred (200-400) members meet this summer that it may not be very fair to hold elections when so many members who want to participate cannot do so because of economic issues, health risk issues, quarantine rules after our-of-state travel, etc.


IF WE DO NOT HAVE A CONVENTION IN 2020, or if we have an event with very sparse attendance, we have three possibilities. Each, in some way, contravenes our Bylaws:


  1. Skip 2020. Just push everything forward a year. In 2021 elect the president/2VP/Communications VP for two-year terms and in 2022 elect 1VP/Sec-Treas
  2. Elect all five officers in 2021 for two-year terms
  3. In 2021 elect three for one-year terms and two for two-year terms.


 So, the Board is putting a lot of thought into this. The prevailing sentiment is option one: wait until our regular contingent of 1200+ primary registrants can assemble to conduct business meetings and elections. Just pretend this entire messed up year never happened.


On behalf of the PGI Board,