May President’s Report

May has been a very busy month and here is what the PGI Board has been working on.

May 4th was our Spring planning meeting in Gillette.  This very productive meeting was also very economical even with the large travel costs, which were far less than usual thanks to our use of telephone conferencing for some participants.  This is the first convention in recent years where we are getting a share of the ticket sales from the public attending the 4 display nights.

Carol has been working on making sure marketing and the organization of the ticket sales is on target.

The Gillette community is eager to have us back and our displays look to be a strong draw for local folks wanting to see great fireworks.  Carol continues to work through various aspects of developing a new convention site at Sunny View in Oshkosh, WI. Craig Hetherington is working with the folks there and helping them get prepared for making a bid on a future PGI convention, perhaps 2021.

Please be aware that next week the board will send out the information on our sponsorship program for the lanyards at the convention. The lanyards will be purchased by the PGI, but the sponsor(s) will be allowed to add their company logo on to the lanyard along with the 50th Anniversary logo. Look for sponsorship details on a post to the PGI pyropage.

Cam-plex announced on Facebook that tickets are now on sale for the 4 nights of public displays.

There is still availability for camping on site and hotels told us they still have some rooms available.

Eddie our S/T has worked with our accounting folks and will once again have hard copy reports of our financial report at the convention.  We also picked up a new PGI member last year. Our PGI CPA, Sam attended the convention last year,  He Smelled The Smoke and already is already planning to be in Gillette this year as well. 

Remember, Eddie has a Sunday afternoon session specifically on the PGI financial report and he provides this time for taking your questions.  

John our 1stVP has worked diligently to keep us aware of current discussions of the various NFPA committees and their work.  Due to his involvement there he has been appointed to a recently established committee on Pyrotechnics and Hazardous Waste Disposal.  He has provided all the details and potential code changes in the new 1123 2018 edition in the bulletin you just received. As I begin to work with John as his alternate on the Hazardous Waste Disposal committee, he and I will provide updates to the members on the proposed first code document from this committee.  John continues to provide great institutional memory, advice and just solid critical thinking on how we advance our mission.

Bruce, our VP of Publications, has completed the May-June Bulletin, which is arriving now and looks terrific.  In addition, he is working on the website information as Kurt continues to add new updated content to our new website.  Bruce's work also has been a key factor in helping pull things together for using the Whova app at convention and he will be one of the key people helping keep it accurate and up to date.

Paul, our President, coordinated the Spring Planning Meeting and the work on the variety of details in making this 50th Anniversary celebration one to remember.  We are hearing from numerous folks that have not attended recently that they will be there this year, so it will be a great time to see all our friends in the pyrotechnic community, including some we have not seen in quite a while.

Julie, our MSM, has reported that after our reenrollment deadline of March 31, memberships continue to come in.  Our membership is now 1628 members.  She is working on a special pin for this convention and on the Badges,  which will be especially unique for our 50th. 

So, keep those convention registrations coming in and remember that May is the last month you can register for the convention without paying the increased late registration fee.

  Take advantage of the lower convention registration price until June 1, 2019.

Other convention details:

You also may have seen the post by Fred Hopper, our Volunteer Coordinator, and please consider how you can volunteer this year.  Contact him at or sign up with the form on our website.

Manufacturing is accepting registration for spaces starting June 1st. There will be a $20 per table fee to start a fund for replacing table parts, glue guns, extension cords, etc. as they wear out. 

Get those medical carts approvals now if you need one and get the carts reserved for pick up. See the information here.

On behalf of the PGI Board,