March 2022 - President's News

The following article was sent along to me by Bonnie Kosanke asking that this be sent along to the PGI members.

Status of Journal of Pyrotechnics Publications
By Bonnie and Ken Kosanke

The Journal of Pyrotechnics has decided to make all back issues of the Journal of Pyrotechnics and other publications available for FREE download from

At the website site, select “Category” and then chose from the categories (e.g., Journals or Books) or search the site and then select “Continue Reading”; at the bottom of the linked page will be a downloadable and printable PDF. Note, some of the files are quite large.

Some of the publications available include All issues of the Journal of Pyrotechnics (1 to present), Pyrotechnic Chemistry Book, Illustrated Dictionary of Pyrotechnics, Encyclopedic Dictionary of Pyrotechnics and Low Explosives, Selected Publications of Dr. Takeo Shimizu, and Selected Publications of K.L. and B. J. Kosanke.

Tom Smith, in the UK, manages the website, and all publications are available for FREE download!

A limited number of hard copies and CDs of some of the above publications are still available from American Fireworks News ( and Tom Smith (

Ken Kosanke is a former PGI Board President and both he and Bonnie have contributed a great deal of their time and energy to the PGI. On behalf of the PGI Board of Directors, I want to thank Ken and Bonnie for making this collection of pyrotechnic literature available to the PGI membership.

I know from conversations with our Vice President of Communications Craig Foster that he is currently busy working on updating all the key forms for this convention.  Many of them are ready and he is now getting to posting them on the website.  Some may be up tomorrow but give him until Monday for all these to be posted.

Here is the information on camping and hotels in Newton.
(Ticket information will be available on this website as well probably beginning sometime in April.)