June President's Update

June 2021 Article for Pyropage Post

Positive News

Planning for our convention is coming together and members are expressing their excitement about having a convention to attend this year.  As I wrote last year, “We purposely built up a ‘rainy day fund’ to handle years like last year.”  While not having a convention caused us a reduction in income we are still in solid financial shape and able to handle the extra costs of a convention this year. 

Bruce has mentioned we are using Whova, and we had a 3-year contract for their services and because of not having a convention last year, the 3 years will now start with the 2021 convention.



The schedule will be on the website, in the convention pocket guide, and on Whova and the electronic versions will be continually updated.  There will be training sessions available on Whova, and our Social Media Editor Gretchen Demko will be available in registration to answer

your questions on Whova and the new online membership and registration systems.

Please note that potentially on Thursday, August 12th, from 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM, the ATF will make their presentation on doing the necessary paperwork to get your license. This is not confirmed yet as Mike O‘Lena, Program Manager, Explosives Industry Programs Branch from the ATF will not hear back until after July 4th if he has approval from his superiors to travel to our event. I will let you know in the July update if this is approved, and he can attend and make this presentation.

Other News

The July Bulletin is being prepared and look for it to arrive shortly after the 4th of July.


For the update in July, I will announce the agenda for the Monday and Thursday town hall meetings. If we have a quorum, as previously specified, these "Town Hall Meetings" will be established as Business Meetings wherein the members assembled can transact the business of the Guild. If we do not achieve the quorum, this will be a Board meeting where the Board will solicit input from the members and may or may not enact recommended changes. We are going to ask the members how they would like to modify the Bylaws to address holding elections following a year or years when we cannot hold a convention. The options available have been discussed in previous columns. We cannot present any amendments to the Bylaws this year as Bylaws amendments require publication prior to their being debated and ratified or rejected at a business meeting. But, once we get a sense of how the members would like to change the Bylaws going forward, we will, over the period between the 2021 and 2022 conventions, draft such a Bylaws Amendment to be discussed and voted upon at the 2022 convention. Please be aware of the agenda for this year and make sure you are at the Monday morning session of the Town Hall, or, if we have a quorum, the Business Meeting.


Our business manager Carol Hostetter is working out the final details for our next convention site 2022 and we will announce the 2022 site at the beginning of our business meeting Monday morning at the convention.

 Please also be thinking about what you can contribute to the PGI Auction.  Each year this brings in several thousand dollars for the PGI due to your generosity in donating and then bidding.  Bring items that you value and those others would bid on and get them to Carol 2ndVP@pgi.org once you are on site.

As you know manufacturing is accepting applications for spaces and I have been notified all but 5 spaces have been taken. Two of these spaces are press spaces.  https://www.pgi.org/sites/default/files/2021-Manufacturing-Station-Req%20fillable.pdf

Please remember that our membership services manager's (Julie Wozniak) office Julie’s office closes on Wednesday, August 4th at 5 pm CST. All pre-registration will close, and the online system will be shut down. Any registrations received, by mail or electronically, after that date; may not be processed. If registering after that date, it would be best to do so at the convention. (Checks are not accepted at the convention.)



And Finally

This will be that last monthly update before the 4th of July, so I want to wish you a very enjoyable and safe 4th.  Whether you get to be part of some of the many returning public displays or do some fireworks in your backyard please remember to Stay Green.  Safety is first a way of thinking and then following up with safe procedures.

On behalf of the PGI Board,