June President's Report

Totally different this year

Usually in this update I am sending along some final details for various aspects of our convention that needed to be highlighted or mentioned. This year I want to highlight there is no convention. I want to encourage each of you on this email list to think about your fellow PGI members and ask, do they know?  We have members that are not on-line nor using any electronic media. So, they may first hear about the convention being canceled in the pre-convention bulletin.  If they are registered for convention and maybe have a campsite, they need to know the details we have sent out via email, etc. right now.

Here is the link to the PGI website with all the convention details.


Please send this information on to any member you think may not know the convention is  postponed to 2021 in Fargo. This may mean you call them or mail a hardcopy to them. They have until June 30 to email their request to membership@pgi.org or their convention registration will automatically roll over to the 2021 convention. If they mailed everything and have no email then they will need to mail their request to Julie Wozniak 1032 Georgetown Road, Michigan City, Indiana 46360.

Disappointing News

We regret to announce that PGI and Sunnyview have reached an impasse in contract negotiations, which will force us to engage another site for the 2022 PGI Convention. The contract draft submitted by the PGI to Sunnyview last fall is used by all our venues. In March of this year, PGI was informed that the Sunnyview site requires all parties using the site to sign their rental contract. Sunnyview did not reveal this requirement in any conversations, meetings, or their formal proposal to host a Convention. The contract contained several obstacles that the PGI and our counsel John Brooke have determined to be insurmountable. We did make efforts to address the interests of both parties and the concerns of all stakeholders, while avoiding clauses and conditions that present regulatory and economic conditions detrimental to the PGI's ability to conduct its event. Such efforts were not successful.

Positive News

Our Treasurer, Eddie Hostetter has financial reports coming out in the next bulletin that show we are in good shape financially.  While not having a convention will mean a loss in revenue it also means many less expenses, though these savings will only partially offset the anticipated losses. Eddie did projections for the Board as we made the decision for postponing the convention, so we anticipate a loss in revenues this year. We have purposely built up a 'rainy day fund' or now "no convention this year fund" and we will still be financially sound even after not having a convention.

Bruce has talked with Whova and we had a 3 year contract for their services and because of not having a convention, the 3 years will now start in 2021.

Other News

Many other organizations have canceled their august events. Recently the American Pyrotechnics Association (APA) meeting was canceled and moved ahead a couple of years.  They have a 3 year rotation so next year is already locked in so this year in Kansas City was moved to 2022.  At this point the National Fireworks Association (NFA) convention in Kingsport, TN is still on.  They are asking for the PGI to do our Display Operators training and we have agreed to if they hold this convention.  While many July 4th displays have been canceled this looks to be a very good year for backyard displays.

Due to our convention not happening the Board is planning on getting together, a kind of retreat, so we can discuss and work on some strategic planning.  This Board get together will NOT be covered by PGI funds as each Board member will pay for their own expenses.  We have several topics to discuss and next month I will ask for other topical suggestions from the membership.

Since there will not be a convention to report on for this year, my August update will cover the outcome of this Board discussion.