June President's Report

Coal mine tours

This was very popular on our last visit to Gillette, so the Board has requested this be set up again.  There will be more information coming on this, but we told them to plan on doing this tour many times, so all the members who want to participate can go.  At the planning meeting, they already had a basic plan that would handle almost half the members going on this excursion.

Chief Judge

Happy to announce that our Chief Judge Dr. Tilford will be attending again this year.

 I hope you all have a safe 4th and that we all come through this busy season ready to focus on having a great time at the convention.  Remember that safety is more of a way of thinking which then also requires adhering to proper practices. Having a mindset of safety first then leads to safe behaviors later.

There are only 50 days remaining until the convention and here are some reminders regarding various details for the convention at Gillette.


The schedule is on the website and will be continually updated and on Whova with any new items still being organized, so you may want to check it weekly.

A member has suggested we have a training session on how to use Whova. I think that makes good sense and will work with Bruce and Steve to get a designated time when folks can come by check it out.  More of the hands-on type workshop rather thana presentation on how to use.  I will further information out in the July update.

Please note that on Tuesday, August 13th, from 1:00 PM to 4:30 PM, the ATF will make their presentation on doing the necessary paperwork to get your license.  Also, at my invitation, Mr. Marvin Richardson, the Assistant Director for Enforcement Programs and Services with ATF will be present.  Mike O‘Lena, Program Manager, Explosives Industry Programs Branch from the ATF is also planning on attending.  I encourage you to plan on attending and bring your questions as they a very informative Q&A session.

As you know manufacturing is accepting applications for spaces and I have been notified all 50 spaces have been taken.

For the update in July, I will announce the Monday and Thursday business meeting agenda with the proposed amendment to the bylaws being scheduled as one of the earliest items for the Monday business meeting.  Please be aware of the agenda for this year and make sure you are at the Monday morning session of the Business Meeting. 

 Please also be thinking about what you can contribute to the PGI Auction.  Each year this brings in several thousand dollars for the PGI due to your generosity in donating and then bidding.  Bring items that you value and that others would bid on and get them to Carol 2ndVP@pgi.org once you are on site.

Please remember that our membership services manager's (Julie Wozniak) office closes on Thursday, Aug 1st   and registrations received, by mail or electronically, after that date; may not be processed. If registering after that date, it would be best to do so at the convention. (Checks are not accepted at the convention.)


On behalf of the PGI Board,