July President's Report

In August, the Board is getting together for what we are calling a retreat.  One of the reasons this Board has made some great progress is that we enjoy working together.  The convention is a week where we can get together and do PGI business in person.  Since our convention is postponed until next year, we are planning on several days in August for the time together as well as doing some PGI business.  We each are paying for our travel and expenses out of our own pockets.  No PGI funds will be used for this retreat.

This will also allow us some time to think strategically since we are not managing a convention as we would usually do during early August. Some of the topics we will focus on are:

*          How to encourage folks to replace long time volunteers that are retiring.

*          How to encourage and develop more volunteers.

*          How to encourage membership, member retention.

*          Consider making the bulletin available electronically on the website as an option.

*          Consider use of ZOOM for holding Board meetings when not at the convention

*          Consider what pictures should be used for the 2020 PGI Calendar.

Any other suggested topics send along to president@pgi.org

Liability Insurance 50% off for next year Thank you to John and Tom for identifying this issue and for recommending we make this request from our insurance company and to Eddie for contacting them and securing this reduction.  Our premium for 2021 will be reduced by 50% saving us $25,000.00.

Website and online features

Despite the COVID-19 situation progress is being made on getting an online availability for membership.  This capability is based on our membership reports which Julie creates as people join.  Kurt is currently working with this data to build the system that will be our online means of renewing membership, becoming a member, and then registration for conventions. 

Wisconsin convention sites

We announced last month that the Oshkosh site was not going to happen in 2021 due to contractual issues.  I am pleased to let you know we have two more sites we are exploring in WI.  Not trying to give false hope but just to say we are already looking for other potential sites in WI.  This fall we will investigate these sites and see if they do qualify as a viable PGI convention site.  More on this later this fall.

All-Stars 2021

While we will miss seeing the great shells from our All-Stars group, I want to encourage you to even now start thinking toward next year in Fargo.  Contact any of these members of the All-Stars leaders about donations financial or product-wise as we make 2021 a great return to seeing fantastic fireworks.

David Maschino, Chair




Tom Sklebar, Co-Chair                                                                       




Jim Widmann, Co-Chair




Since we will not be holding the auction this year, let us make next year cover for 2 years' worth of items. So, start now thinking about what you can contribute to the PGI Auction.  Each year this brings in several thousand dollars for the PGI due to your generosity in donating and then bidding.  Contact Carol 2ndVP@pgi.org about any questions you have on auction items.  


On behalf of the PGI Board, and looking forward to seeing you next year August 2021 in Fargo!