July President's Report

Here are some more random details about the upcoming convention.

Just a reminder for supply vendors, members and manufacturers. Supply vending hours in Gillette will be 1 PM to 5 PM everyday Sat thru Thursday.  On FRI the last day of convention they will be open  4 PM till 6 PM. We will be tearing down/closing at 6 PM FRI. Chances are most if not all vendors in supply will be packed up BEFORE the public display on FRI.  This means for you  can get all your last minute panic buying done BEFORE the public display on FRI. The last minute deals will happen AT THAT TIME.   Supply vending will be in the usual place BARN 2 on the complex. thanks Tim Nowicki Supply Vendor Chair.  Unfortunately, Tim has done all the prep work but has found he has a heart problem and may need surgery.  His doctor recommended he not travel until after the potential surgery.

So, Karl Maerz has agreed to be our interim Supply Vending Chair. Karl Maerz ubpyro@gmail.com

Cracker Burn  

Folks are already making and planning their donations to the cracker burn.  Libbie McCloskey libbie888@comcast.net is coordinating this event again this year.  The Class C vending area will

have a donation box set aside so you can buy cracker strings all week and add them to the box.

Contact Libbie to lend a hand in helping make this a cracker burn worthy of our celebrating rhe 50th anniversary.

50th Anniversary gear


This is on page 88 of the bulletin and this special deal this year for our convention.  This is a special order that the PGI has worked out a deal that the members get great gear and any profit on this goes to the PGI general fund.  To avoid having a lot of unsold merchandise left over, PGI ordered only a limited quantity. But, don't worry. If the items sell out, there will be an order form at registration that you can use and after the convention, Nick D'Ambrosia, if enough orders are placed, will do another production run and ship your order to you.


I am very pleased to announce our new website will be live for this convention.  There is more work to be done but the Board is already looking at the site and providing input at this time.


Seminar early registration will start up with Pre-registration beginning at 6:00 PM CDT, Friday July 26th, and runs through midnight, Wednesday, July 31st. Check the Schedule to see which seminars allow pre-registration. Further details page 47 of Bulletin #213. On the website at-


Remember Convention registration is still open with payment by credit card. 

The deadline for paying by check has passed. 

 Note that you can also register at the Convention by credit card (checks not accepted at Convention)


We need help prepping  for Sunday afterglow!!! Please email Libbie to volunteer (Libbie888@comcast.net) !!! We will also need help serving on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

Saturday Aug 10 no 4F

This is something the Class C vendors generously have provided but it has always been optional and this year they will just be doing a 4F on Thursday night.  Class C sales and shooting will continue as

usual and so will all other open shooting at 5pm.


Just a reminder you can still help the Allstars out by donating money or materials. Contact any of these guys who are organizing this group.

 All Stars 2018
By: David Maschino, Chair

Tom Sklebar, Co-Chair


Jim Widmann, Co-Chair

Please also be thinking about what you can contribute to the PGI Auction.  Each year this brings in several thousand dollars for the PGI due to your generosity in donating and then bidding.  Bring items that you value and that others would bid on and get them to Carol 2ndVP@pgi.org once you are on site.

Last year due to the fire at AM Pyro they were not able to do a display.  They are back for this convention and we will see that display.  We have a great display lineup for this convention.


Northwest Pyrotechnics Association (Anthem and opening display)
Vulcan Shogun Fireworks


AM Pyro
Rockets by Tom Rebenklau
Fireworks by Grucci


Super Nuke (Fireball Dudes)
XFX Pyrotechnics
Pyro Spectaculars by Souza


Northwest Pyrotechnics Association (Anthem)
Cracker Burn
Big Sky Fireworks
PGI All Stars
Innovative Pyrotechnic Concepts/Dominator

Evening Fireworks Display schedule

I mentioned last month I would send along the business meeting agenda.  This will also be in the pocket guide.

Monday Business Meeting Agenda 

Call to Order
Establish presence of a quorum
Approval of Minutes from 2018 Business Meeting
Time to Celebrate
State of the PGI- Board of Directors and MSM
Present motion to approve Bylaws amendment
Discussion and vote on the amendment
Major chairs- brief update if needed
Host, CamPlex, CVB Report
Open Nominations for 1st Vice President
Open Nominations for   Secretary/Treasurer
Explanation of Voting Procedures- John Brooke
Grants and Honoria
Other updates (if time allows, if not defer to Thursday)
Suspend meeting until Thursday

Thursday Business Meeting Agenda

Call to Order
Attendance update for Gillette convention
Decisions on Grants and Honoraria
Continue nominations for 1st Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer
Close nominations for each of these offices.
Campaign speeches for each contested office. (5 minutes length)
Q & A of candidates from contested offices
Carry over of any updates from Monday’s meeting
Announce time and place for voting
Closing comments
Call for motion to adjourn the meeting

Please make note of the session Sunday at 3 pm   PGI Finances by our Secretary/Treasurer Eddie Hostetter. Copies of our current financial status will be provided at this session.

And finally remember that our membership services manager's (Julie Wozniak) office closes on Thursday, August 1st and registrations received, by mail or electronically, after that date; may not be processed. If registering after that date, it would be best to do so at the convention.


On behalf of the PGI Board, see you in Gillette!