January President's Report

Happy New Year!  PGI!


Only 198 days until the start of our convention.


Notice these changes-

Please note the convention starts Saturday, Aug 7th and our first public fireworks display is that night.  The displays are on Saturday, Sunday, and Friday night.  JPA will still do their display on Wednesday night and other scheduled events will be like past conventions.

Here is a quote from our Business Manager Carol Hostetter providing the reasons for this change.

"2020 was a tough year for everyone including RRVF. They were unable to host most of their 2020 events. There was some discussion whether they could afford the amount agreed to in the (2020) Convention Contract in 2021. They felt that they would need to drop to two display nights (not favorable to either party) or change the display nights to Saturday, Sunday, Friday to have the most opportunity to maximize attendance (by having a Saturday and a Friday display night) and recoup what they pay PGI. We regard the venues as partners in creating a Convention and as such decided to grant their request for 2021.

Regarding display nights/display companies, there should be no reason that they would be affected as we have the venue beginning Monday prior. I am working on a line-up based on the new schedule.

The JPA will still be held on Wednesday night with a "PGI only" audience."


The online system is almost ready to release.  It no longer is a matter of if, but now when.  We are going into the final weeks of testing the membership functionality and the membership database conversion.  In February we will announce when it is available to use. 

This is the time of year we encourage our members to begin thinking about seminars at the convention. Steve Wilson firefun@comcast.net   is our seminar chair and encourages you to get in touch with him.  One detail to be aware of, Steve Wilson is also the Seminar Chair for WWB.

They are offering it virtually and usually this is for WPA members only. https://vwb2021.westernpyro.org/welcome-letter/

 This year you can attend virtually if you are a member of PGI or one of the regional clubs.  So, he will be focused on virtual WWB seminars until mid-February but nothing stopping you from contacting him and saying you want to do a seminar.  He will let us know when the 2021 Seminar forms are ready.

The PGI Display Fireworks Operator Certification Study Guides are available for purchase. Individual copies are available from Julie Wozniak, Membership Services Manager membership@pgi.org. Pricing is $50.00/each, postage-paid delivery in the US.

For bulk orders please contact Edward Hostetter, Secretary/Treasurer Treasurer@pgi.org. Bulk copies are available, 7 books minimum, $40.00/each, plus shipping. All book orders must be prepaid, no returns allowed. 

The next Bulletin number 220 has been mailed out and many of you will already have received it. Remember if you are having difficulty getting the bulletin please communicate with Julie Wozniak at membership@pgi.org to make sure we have your most up-to-date information.

Until next month, I hope this finds you surviving the winter temps or lack thereof and looking forward to the warm summer nights enjoying fireworks.

On behalf of the PGI Board,