January President's Report

Happy New Year! PGI! Welcome to a new Decade!

Renewing your membership now is encouraged and remember the deadline for renewing at a price of $75.00 ($60.00 FOR Junior Members) is January 31, 2020. Those not renewing by that date will be considered lapsed and, should they wish to restore their membership in the Guild, will have to re-join at the new membership rate of $100.00 ($60.00 for Junior Members).

This month Julie, Kurt and Rob are working on finishing up the online system for both memberships and then registration for the convention. 

This is the time of year I had previously began to hear from Steve Johannessen about seminars.  He did a great job of working to increase and improve on the variety and amount of our seminars.  He will be missed but his legacy will live on as we continue to have a great variety of seminars.  He had been doing some outreach and communication with Steve Wilson.  I believe the past two Winter Blasts Steve and Kate attended and we discussed upcoming seminars.  Steve and he compared notes at Winter Blast and because of this Steve W. has a good knowledge of what Steve J. was doing.  Steve has agreed to take over as the PGI Seminar chair.  He has been in communication with Kate and is already starting to get things lined up for seminars in Fargo.  One detail to be aware of, Steve Wilson is also the Seminar Chair for WWB.  So, he will be focused on those seminars until mid-February but nothing stopping you from contacting him and saying you want to do a seminar.  firefun@comcast.net  He will let us know when the 2020 Seminar forms are ready.

The PGI Display Fireworks Operator Certification Study Guides are available for purchase. Individual copies are available from Julie Wozniak, Membership Services Manager membership@pgi.org. Pricing is $50.00/each, postage-paid delivery in the US.

For bulk orders please contact Edward Hostetter, Secretary/Treasurer Treasurer@pgi.org. Bulk copies are available, 7 books minimum, $40.00/each, plus shipping. All book orders must be prepaid, no returns allowed.  

The next Bulletin number 215 should be arriving labeled December 2019. This is the final step in getting things lined up with our bulletins coming 5 per calendar year.  So, while the #215 bulletin is labeled 2019 it is the first bulletin for 2020.  The #214 bulletin was the 5th one for 2019.  Bulletins #210 - #214 were mailed in 2019.  Remember if you are having difficulty getting the bulletin please communicate with Julie Wozniak at membership@pgi.org to make sure we have your most up to date information.

Until next month, I hope this finds you surviving the winter temps or lack thereof and looking forward to the warm summer nights enjoying fireworks.

On behalf of the PGI Board,