December President's Report

Digital Bulletin

Last December 2019 I wrote about the digital bulletin concept and that ultimately it will be a decision of the members based on a recommendation of the Board.  I stated," plan to discuss this at our convention in Fargo."  Since we did not have the convention this will be a topic for consideration and discussion in Fargo 2021. One key to making this decision is getting our online system up and running.  Once that is available the members will be able to log in and look at a member-only area.  This area could be where a digital bulletin is made available.

Plan to discuss this at our convention this year in Fargo.  Many good suggestions have been made on this and there is a wide range of options.  One end of the spectrum is those who want all the bulletins in hardcopy just like we do today, and the other end is nothing in print, except maybe the calendar.  Our discussion at the convention will focus on where the members think we need to move to on this spectrum or even if no change is needed.


The Board has discussed this Covid-19 Policy described below and officially adopted it for how we will handle the 2021 convention. This will be published in this Bulletin in the Minutes of the Board of Directors.

The policy has three elements, and its core principle is mutual respect and courtesy.

First, we will obey and conform to any local and state regulations as well as any CDC policies and guidelines in effect.

Second, each member may do as he wishes in his own space. However, if you enter someone else's space, it becomes their right to insist upon terms, such as wearing a properly fitting mask if you approach within six feet of another person.

Third, if there is a conflict between the PPE required for a pyro activity, such as in manufacturing or shooting, and the PPE to prevent Covid-19 transmission, we are going to defer to pyro protective PPE and ask that persons uncomfortable with being is such areas refrain from entering those areas. As an example, vented N-95 masks do not prevent Covid-19 transmission but may be necessary when working with metal powders in a hot and humid environment.


Membership renewal

We are in the final days of our membership renewal focus.  To renew at the fee of $75 you must send in your renewal form and payment by December 31, 2020.  The form is online at-


and you also received a hardcopy in with bulletin #119 along with the calendar.  You can still join in January, but it will be with the new member form found on our website.


You might ask what does this $75 membership fee pay for and give to you as a member?


*          members and their involvement support our annual convention

*          stipends

*          supports our mission of fireworks safety & education

*          supports a membership service manager

*          supports all the production costs for 5 bulletins, a calendar, and member services materials

*          supports social media editor


Social Media Editor

I am pleased to announce the Board has unanimously approved a motion to hire Gretchen Demko as our Social Media Editor.  This is for 6 months and then a review and consideration for making this an annual position.  She will be working with Brue, our volunteers and myself on getting the word out about the PGI on all our social media platforms.


Fireworks Foundation

Also, remember the Fireworks Foundation is another way to help our pyrotechnic endeavors by making a donation there.  Several scholarships are now available through this foundation due to the generous gifts of our members.  To donate please contact them at


As we wrap another year and one with all the challenges from Covid-19 I look forward to the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead.  If you have suggestions or items, you would like to see included in these monthly updates send them along.


Finally, the Board of Directors for Western Pyrotechnic Association asked to have this  information posted about doing Winter Blast 2021virtually.  You should have seen this on an earlier post on the pyropage. For more information go to  https://wwb21/


Until next month I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Joyous New Year with family and friends!


On behalf of the PGI Board,