December President's Report

December 2019 President's Report

Digital bulletin

There has recently been a great influx of input on how we handle sending the bulletin to the members.

Thank you for the input and suggestions on this topic. This comes up from time to time and like Bruce, I have kept a file of all the input. Since I took office as the President this Board has had a running discussion considering all the various aspects of the bulletin being offered in an electronic format.

As has been mentioned this ultimately will be a decision of the members based on a recommendation from the Board.

The reason the Board has not pressed ahead on this is because we saw the need to be prepared first and then decide on if we should go to a digital bulletin.  The preparations are well underway with the new website now up and our online system being built this month. If the bulletin is done digitally you need an update, accurate, well-maintained platform on which to locate this material.  You then need a way for members to get access. So, this platform is being prepared because we need to stay relevant by having a sharp and very functional website but also for the potential of offering the bulletin digitally.

Plan to discuss this at our convention this year in Fargo.  Many good suggestions have been made on this and there is a wide range of options.  One end of the spectrum is those who want all the bulletins in hardcopy just like we do today, and the other end is nothing in print, except maybe the calendar.  Our discussion at the convention will focus on where the members think we need to move to on this spectrum or even if no change is needed and continue as we have for the past 50 years.

ATF Newsletter

This just came out from the ATF, their latest newsletter, with their encouragement for me to make it available to our members.  Many of you that have an ATF license probably got or will get this as well.  I have it in pdf format but cannot attach it to this discussion list.  So if you want a pdf version send me a request at  This is also going to be available for you to download on their website very soon at:

Fireworks Foundation

Also, remember the Fireworks Foundation is another way to help our pyrotechnic endeavors by making a donation there.  Several scholarships are now available through this foundation due to the generous gifts of our members.  To donate please contact them at



Your first bulletin should have already arrived along with another beautiful calendar full of terrific pictures taken by our members.   Thanks to Bruce for organizing it and to our members for such great photographic work. The next bulletin has been sent in for printing and will arrive right after the first of the new 1st year.  Please let Julie know if you are not getting your bulletin.

As we wrap another year and this decade I look forward to the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead.  If you have suggestions or items, you would like to see included in these monthly updates send them along.

Until next month I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Joyous New Year with family and friends!

On behalf of the PGI Board,