December President (Part 2)

December President’s Update 2021 Part 2

Urgent Message

Currently, we do not have anyone willing to be our Seminar Chairperson.

While a few people are willing to assist, no one is willing to accept the challenge of this position.  The Board has discussed this problem at length. It is critical that the members know that while we provide a budget and will support any person willing to take on this role if there is no seminar chair, there will be a much-reduced seminar presence at our convention.

This could potentially mean that each seminar presenter will have to schedule the time, the room and do their own setup. The bottom line is that this is YOUR Guild and that we are a volunteer organization.

Just as with the passing of the Mega String and the Super String, if there is no one with the organizational skills and dedication to accept an appointment as Seminar Chairperson, well, there go a lot of seminars that won't be conducted.

This position is compensated by comping all hotel nights and a golf cart comped while at the convention. You would also need to attend- at PGI expense- the spring planning meeting in late April. We certainly hope that our next Seminar Chairperson responds to this alert. It'd be a shame to assemble all our members, have a great convention, and struggle in providing seminars. Past Seminar Chairpersons got started in January by requesting folks begin sending in their information and scheduling their seminar. We have about 30 days until that process should begin. Please let us hear from you, and if you know someone in the PGI that can handle this challenge, please encourage them to let the Board know at

Convention Registration Fees, from the Board of Directors

The Board has unanimously voted to increase the convention registration fees to:

  • Primary members before June 1st, 2022, $235.00; after June 1st $255.00
  • Spouses or children before June 1st, 2022, $60.00; after June 1st $75.00

As anyone in business knows, the cost of everything has increased. We typically post a surplus of $20-$40,000 on a convention. Some years, we barely break even. At the 2021 fee structure, we are assured of a loss in 2022. We regret that the price increase is necessary, but it is necessary for our Guild to remain financially viable.

If you are not a current member when you register for the convention, there will be a $20.00 additional fee for the primary member and each family member. We are doing this to encourage people to remain members even in the years when they do not attend the convention. We need your support. If you want to be a member, only intermittently, when you attend conventions, there will be a surcharge of $20 per person attending the convention over and above our usual fees.

August 1, 2022, the member renewal fee will increase to $95 and a new member (or a previous member whose membership has expired) will be $125.00. At the current dues structure, 98% of dues are spent on member support activities and publications. Given the increases in publishing, transportation, etc. the Board feels this increase is necessary to allow for a self-sustaining break-even point on having the dues paid be sufficient to cover the member services costs.

You might ask what does the $75 membership fee pay for and provide to you as a member? These dues support:

  • Our mission of fireworks safety & education
  • Members and their involvement and support of our annual convention
  • Volunteer Stipends
  • The production costs for 5 PGI Bulletins, an annual calendar, and member services materials
  • Our Membership Service Manager and our Social Media Editor

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Joyous New Year with family and friends!

On behalf of the PGI Board,