AUG 2022 - President's Article (Post-Convention Info & Thank Yous)

Overall, what a wonderful convention. Not that we didn't have a few new convention site issues, but overall, a great time. For those 'the glass is half empty folks', the negatives from this year can/will be addressed and are not nearly as negative as not having a convention at all.

Welcome to our new Board Secretary and Archivist Jeff Jordan, who the Board unanimously approved to fill this position. Huge thank you to retiring Board Secretary and Archivist Tom Handel for his many years of service to the PGI in this position and as a board member.

We had several folks retire at this convention. Tom Sklebar is stepping down from being our media contact for conventions, Jim Widmann is stepping down from being one of the co-chairs of the All-Stars, and Ray Lee is stepping down from being the PGI Head of Security ("The Sheriff"). Thank you to each of these great volunteers who have in these three cases been members and volunteering for over three decades. Just another reminder that we need the younger folks to consider how they can step up and begin filling these important volunteer roles (like Brent Anderson is for Ray Lee).

For the successes of this convention – A BIG THANK YOU to all our volunteers who worked long hours and provided great service.

I mentioned at Newton that I was considering if I would run for another term as President. I am going to run for re-election in 2023. My formal candidacy article will be published in a future Bulletin.

Congratulations to John Steinberg on winning another term as 1st VP and to Eddie Hostetter for another term as Secretary/Treasurer. Eddie was voted in by acclamation and John won a well contested race with Rick Olivieri for the office of 1st Vice-President.

Convention Summary

  • Attendance at Newton 2022: 1706
    • Primary Attendees were 1079
  • Attendance at Fargo 2021 for comparison: 1719
    • Primary Attendees were 1076
  • PGI Current Membership: 2107

Thank you to all the members who attended and helped us make this a successful convention. Thank you also to the members who remained members this year even though they could not attend.

Discussions are ongoing with returning to Newton in 2023. We should have a go/no-go answer from them by Aug 25th. We are concurrently working on other site options for 2023.

On behalf of the PGI Board,