April President's Update

The convention registration form is now ready for the 2021 PGI Convention, "Prayin' 4 Pyro" and is up on the website and it was included with the latest bulletin #222.  Here is the link on the website- https://www.pgi.org/sites/default/files/2021%20PGI%20CONVENTION%20REGISTRATION%20FORM%20-%20FILLABLE%20W-DIG%20SIGSpes%20April%2012%202021.pdf



Take advantage of the lower registration price until June 1, 2021.  The completed form must be to the membership service manager by June 1st; postmarked on that date is not sufficient and members will be charged the higher rate.


Please note that the online convention registration is not ready yet, but we are aggressively working to bring it online.  You can use the fillable form on the website or the form coming in the May bulletin #222.  Use these forms to register before June 1st and get the discounted price.


Those members who registered and paid last year for the convention and asked to have it carried over have been added in for the upcoming convention.  If you renewed your membership, you are all set to attend the convention.  Those who carried over but have not renewed their memberships will be contacted by Julie this week via email to remind you to renew your membership.


Grace period for camping is over, cancel now and there is no refund.  You have until June 1st to pay in full for your camping and convention registration or you will lose your camping spot.


The preparations for the convention are coming together and one of the fun aspects of our annual convention is the Trade Show.  Nick DAmbrosia is encouraging vendors to get their applications into him for the Trade Show. The first applications submitted get the best vendor wall locations and avoid the potential of late fees.  Nick says Fargo has a great vendor trade show building with easy truck access to all entrances.  Applications are on the website at this link- https://www.pgi.org/sites/default/files/Binder%203_0.pdf

Remember we will be using the Whova app for an electronic version of the convention schedule and daily news updates.  You can download the app now and create your account to be ready to log into the PGI section once we have finished populating that site.  A team of folks will work with this, so it stays current and accurate leading up to the convention and during the convention.

We are not ready to announce the display schedule yet, but we have some great displays lined up for Saturday, Sunday, and Friday night of the convention.  Junior Pyros on Wednesday and some plans for more.  More on all this as we get closer to the convention time.

Finally, for this monthly update, here is the information about using the PGI license to transport your shells to the convention.  This program continues the same as it has been for the past several years.  The full list of information for you to apply to use this program is in Bulletin # 200 p 27 and the agreement mentioned in this is article is on the website https://www.pgi.org/2021-pgi-convention  Click on "2021 ATF License Use Form"

   If you have questions or need another copy of the article, please send them along to president@pgi.org .

On behalf of the PGI Board,