April President's Report

The convention registration form is now ready for the 2020 PGI Convention, “Let’s Go Fargo” and is up on the website and it was included with the last bulletin.  Here is the link on the website-



Take advantage of the lower registration price until June 1, 2020.


The big question is, will the restrictions due to COVID-19 result in us not being able to have a convention? Things are changing even as of today with Austria beginning to reopen under caveats: wear masks in stores, etc. The magnitude of the illness is being revised downward daily as social distancing has proven more effective than expected. The Washington (state, university of) model is refined daily and looking better than ever.  The Board will be discussing all this on a conference call tomorrow Saturday, April 18.  This will be in preparation for our Spring Planning Meeting the following Saturday April 25th.  This April 25th meeting will be held online. We plan to discuss the current status of things with RRVF there in Fargo.  Fortunately, North Dakota has a fairly low number of cases compared to many other states.  After the SPM the Board will continue to evaluate about when, how, and to what degree the restrictions will be lifted.  By mid-May we will have a much better awareness of how long this will go on and how it will affect our holding the convention.  The goal is to get the word out prior to the June 1st deadline if we cannot hold the convention due to imposed restrictions.  However, we may not make a final go/no go decision until 60 days prior to the convention, Monday, June 8, 2020. At this point we just do not have the information we will have in another almost two months available so we will continue preparing to hold our convention. At least one Board member has already registered for the convention, paid fees, and purchased airfare.

Remember we will be using the Whova app for an electronic version of the convention schedule and daily news updates.  You can download the app now and create your account to be ready to log into the PGI section once we have finished populating that site.  A team of folks will work with this, so it stays current and accurate leading up to the convention and during the convention. I will send that list out next month so you will know who is working with Whova and their focus area on the app.


Tickets for Sunday, Wednesday and Friday night displays for the 2020 PGI Convention, “Let’s Go Fargo” are on sale to the public at  https://redriver.saffire.com/tickets


I have had communication with Kurt Medlin this week and he and Rob Berquist have been working on getting our on line convention registration system ready to go. The whole pandemic situation has influenced them as well, but they are continuing to progress.  The real irony of all this would be for them to get it ready this year and then due to the pandemic there not be a convention.  We will press on and just see what happens. As I said, we are in full planning mode and expect that we will have a convention, even if attendance is low. Our Secretary-Treasurer informs us that we can expect a large operating loss without the convention. We are discussing what a reasonable approach would be as not having a convention has serious consequences for us. Even if we know we will have a loss, it may make sense to go ahead with the convention as not having it also results in a loss for the year.

Finally, for this monthly update, here is the information about using the PGI license to transport your shells to the convention.  This program continues the same as it has been for the past several years.  The full list of information for you to apply to use this program is in Bulletin # 200 p 27 and agreement mentioned in this is article is on the website at https://www.pgi.org/sites/default/files/docs/2020-ATF-License-Use-Agreement.pdf   If you have questions or need another copy of the article, please send them along to president@pgi.org .


On behalf of the PGI Board,