April 2022 - President's News (CALL TO ACTION)

As we prepare for the 2022 PGI Convention, "Thunderstruck", I want to get some information out about an international fireworks event. There will be another update later this month focusing on information on our upcoming convention in Newton, IA. In the meantime, this announcement was sent along to the PGI Board of Directors and provided in 14 different translations.  Here is the English version:


This is a call to all fireworks communities worldwide:


Fireworks are the art of emotions.

#fireworks4peace is an artistic action to spark the hope for peace all over the world.

Together, the German fireworks community will enact a collective fireworks art event from the north to the south of Germany on the historical date of May 8th (the End of WW2 in Europe) to articulate peoples' desire for peace, freedom, and dignity and to stand up for democracy. And we are calling all fireworks communities worldwide to join us! With the expressive power of fireworks, this event shall convey the feelings of millions and evoke a common sensation of unity between all of us, even overcoming national borders. Participants can be entire companies or a single artist or a group of technicians. The contribution can be a single cake box or an orchestrated pyro-musical. In order to let the power inherent in freedom and diversity shine through, all artists shall create and perform their contributions freely and independently. 

We are reaching out to all our international friends and fellows and hope you will help us spread the word and join us in lighting up this symbol of hope all together on May 8th around the globe.

We'd like to thank the Japan Hanabi Association (JHA), the American Pyrotechnics Association (APA), and the German Fireworks Associations (VPI and BVKP) for supporting this call to action. You have already made #fireworks4peace a global event!

For more information on participation and announcements visit: www.fireworks4peace.org.

For questions or to get in touch contact us via: info@fireworks4peace.org Social Media Links: #fireworks4peace on Instagram, #fireworks4peace on Twitter, #fireworks4peace on Facebook Please use #fireworks4peace for all your posting related to this event on your own social media channels.

 We like to thank all supporters throughout the international fireworks community that helped us with the translation of the call!