Joining the PGI

Any person of good repute who subscribes to the objectives and purposes of the Guild is welcome to membership in the PGI.

Note on joining for 2019:

The last date to join or renew for 2019 was August 16, 2019. Please use the 2020 membership or renewal form and your membership will be for the 2020 calendar year.  The first Bulletin of that membership year is generally mailed in December or January. You may, if they are available, purchase back issues of 2019 Bulletins.

Memberships extend from January 1 through December 31.  Currently there are three levels of membership:

2020 Rates and Simplified Levels

Classification New Renewal (through 1/31)
Full w/Bulletin $100 $75
Junior** w/Bulletin $60 $60
Lifetime $2500


Membership period and renewals

All memberships (except Lifetime) are for a period of one calendar year, beginning on January 1st and ending on December 31st of the same year. This is true regardless of when during the year you join the Guild, renew your membership, or rejoin the Guild after your membership has lapsed.

Multi-year memberships may be purchased at the prevailing rate at time of purchase.

All memberships expire on December 31st, which is also the due date for membership renewal.  A grace period of one month – through January 31st of the new year, is granted for renewal. 

Members who have not renewed by January 31 are dropped from the current membership roll. New members who have not previously been members of the Guild, may join the Guild at any time of the year, and will receive the current year’s Bulletins (if they are available), membership wallet card, and sew-on PGI patch.

Lapsed members may join at the new member rate but will not receive the benefits, other than membership card, described above.

If you join after Convention you are joining for the following calendar year (January through December).


** Junior members are defined as being less than 21 years of age

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