Joining the PGI

Any person of good repute who subscribes to the objectives and purposes of the Guild is welcome to membership in the PGI. To join the PGI, access our online membership registration HERE.

Currently, there are three levels of membership:

2021 Rates

Classification New Renewal
Member w/Bulletin $100 $75
Junior* w/Bulletin $60 $60
Lifetime $2500

* Junior members are defined as being less than 18 years of age

New and renewing members will receive all the benefits of Guild membership during the 365-day period of their membership, including all PGI Bulletins and calendar published during that period, the ability to attend the PGI convention, and any other benefits of membership available during that membership period.

Membership Period and Renewals

Memberships run for a period of one year (365 days). For those applying online, this is the date on which you complete your application online. For those applying via US Postal Service (printed form), this is the date of your canceled check or Credit Card statement charge. Purchasing a renewal while your membership is still active will add one year (365 days) to the end of your current membership term.

You may buy multiple years of membership at the same time by joining at the prevailing new membership rate and then adding additional renewal years at the prevailing renewal rate.

For renewing members, there is NO grace period. If you fail to renew your membership before your membership ends, you will need to rejoin at the prevailing new membership rate.

One or more email reminder notices will be sent via email near the end of your membership. You may apply online with the links below.

Note that each membership requires a unique email address.  If a family/household has multiple memberships and wishes to have all emails sent to one email address, the email address that is to receive the emails can be used for subsequent household memberships by adding '+[name]' to the original email address. For instance:

A household with memberships for John Pyro and Sally Pyro wishing to have email for both memberships go to the email address would set up John's membership with '' and Sally's membership as ''.  In this case, both emails will go to the address.  NOTE: We recommend using truly unique email addresses as not all mail servers recognize the '+name' protocol.