Member Benefits

The Pyrotechnics Guild International (PGI) is the largest fireworks club in the world with thousands of members in the US and over 25 countries. The PGI purpose is to advance safety, skill, and artistry in fireworks.  The PGI is the largest organization dedicated to those who love fireworks and has something for both enthusiast and professional alike.

Here is just some of what you can experience and learn through membership in the PGI and by attending its annual convention:

The Fireworks Community

Meet and network with other fireworks enthusiasts and professionals that share your passion for all things fireworks and pyrotechnic related.

The PGI Bulletin 

The Bulletin is a color journal sent to you five times a year that keeps you informed about PGI and its events and provides you with access to articles on fireworks use and manufacture written by experts. 

Learn to make your own fireworks.

Learn everything about fireworks design, building, finishing, safety, licensing, even legal storage and transportation. Then shoot them yourself during “open shooting.”

Learn Fireworks display techniques and gain hands-on experience

Create professional fireworks displays. Learn fireworks display safety, design, physical setup, artistry, legalities and hands-on commercial use. Learn about electrical firing and computer fired pyro-musical display choreography

The Display Operators Course teaches the world of commercial fireworks displays. Use what you’ve learned to help set up our nightly fireworks extravaganzas. 

Attend the PGI convention 

Members can attend the PGI fireworks convention – One week-long every August. Imagine the Olympics of Fireworks except it’s every year!

Thousands of members and their families come to the PGI Convention in a different city every year during the 2nd week in August. There are seminars, workshops, training, fireworks and supplies vending, fireworks collectors, socializing, and fantastic displays every night. 
During the convention, an area is set aside just for you to make your own fireworks. Seminars, workshops, and member experts show you how. 

There are world-class displays throughout the week and four nights of fireworks competitions where members compete with fireworks they have made.  Awards are given at a banquet on the final day, including the coveted Grand Master award.

The nightly open shooting of consumer and display fireworks (1.3-"Class B" and 1.4-"Class C").  There are wholesale vendors right on site where you can buy consumer fireworks and walk to an open shooting area set up with everything you need to safely shoot your purchases.  There are friendly safety personnel on hand to help if you have any questions or need help using your fireworks.

 Join today and become a member of the largest club dedicated to folks who love fireworks!