Events & Festivals

M. A. F. F. - -

The Mid-Atlantic Fireworks Festival is dedicated to providing its attendees the ability to pursue their passion for fireworks in a safe and legal manner, while at the same time providing a spectacular show for our spectators. Yes, spectators. While M.A.F.F. is put on by pyrotechnic enthusiasts and not a display company it is open to the public.

Skywars - -

Sky Wars - formerly known as Pyromania - is presented by the Missouri Pyrotechnics Association.  It is one of the only fireworks display competitions in the U.S.  The more than two-hour-long fireworks championship features invitation-only pyrotechnicians who are among the nation’s top fireworks choreographers.  The weekend-long event includes demos, competitions and PGI display operator training on Friday, and family festival area, live music, and the displays on Saturday.  It is definitely a light and sound explosion!