Events & Festivals

M. A. F. F. - -

The Mid-Atlantic Fireworks Festival is dedicated to providing its attendees the ability to pursue their passion for fireworks in a safe and legal manner, while at the same time providing a spectacular show for our spectators. Yes, spectators. While M.A.F.F. is put on by pyrotechnic enthusiasts and not a display company it is open to the public.

WPA Virtual 2021 Winter Blast - -

Western Pyrotechnic Association WinterBlast 2021

There was a loud, collective moan as it was recently announced yet another beloved pyrotechnic event
planned for 2021 would bite the COVID dust. Nonetheless, several WPA members were not willing to
throw in the towel completely and have been brainstorming about logistics involved in putting on a
COVID-safe virtual event.
The WPA Board of Directors has approved moving forwards with Virtual WinterBlast 2021: Lifting
Spirits with Pyro, which will be held over Valentine’s Day weekend, February 12th, 13th, and 14th. A
a nominal fee (as of yet undecided) will be charged.

Don’t wait another year. More information to follow at . Registration opens
in early January. VWB 2021 t-shirts may be pre-ordered over the event website above.