I've been PGI Certified, I'm good now - right?

Not quite.

PGI Certification is a process like any other Certification. Many professionals must be initially Certified, then must MAINTAIN that by RECERTIFICATION every few years. PGI Certification is no different. Certifications expire after three years and must be renewed to maintain "PGI certified display operator" status.

NFPA Code 1123 governs all aspects of safety in Fireworks. Most all State, County, and/or Municipalities, and all our Insurers require you follow it. The PGI Display Operator Course was designed to teach you how to comply with the required Codes.

These Codes are constantly being reviewed and updated by NFPA's Technical Committees (some of our PGI Members are on it). As with any Certification your PGI Certification needs to be "kept up to date".  To maintain certification, every three years you are required to:

Take 8 hours of Continuing education. This may be accomplished by re-taking the PGI D.O.C. Course, which counts for all 8 hours.

 - OR - any work-related DOT, or HAZMAT training that focuses on pyrotechnic display performance.

- OR - any other approved fireworks-related, SAFETY Training which totals the required 8 hours as submitted to, and approved by the D.O.C. Course Directors.

Please feel free to ask if any specific training will be accepted by PGI toward recertification.