How do I get to be a certified instructor?

There are three steps to becoming a certified PGI DOC instructor:

  1. You must be certified as a display operator yourself, by completing the PGI course and certification process.
  2. You must then assist in teaching a PGI DOC course in a significant role.
  3. You must then arrange to conduct a PGI DOC course as the lead instructor under the direct observation of an approved senior PGI trainer. We will help you find an eligible training supervisor. You must organize all aspects of the class:
  • Scheduling

  • Obtaining a facility and a shoot site

  • Conducting the course and securing necessary additional instructors and assistants

  • Ordering the books and exams and answer keys through the PGI Secretary-Treasurer at (please order as far in advance as practical)

  • Proctoring the exam and sending the details class roster of all attendees, with their contact information, to, noting WHICH of the attendees PASSED the entire course and exam

  • Once certified as an instructor, you may offer further PGI DOC courses independently.

  • Your instructor certification can be renewed upon request every three years when you renew your DOC certification.

You MUST remain currently certified as a PGI display operator to remain a certified instructor.


“Renewal of the PGI Display Operator credential also requires that you have conducted at least three displays as lead operator in the three years prior to renewal. Only displays utilizing display fireworks (usually shipped as 1.3G explosives) satisfy the display requirements. Displays using Articles Pyrotechnic and/ or consumer fireworks do not count toward the display experience required for renewal.”