How do I become Certified?

PGI Certification is a process. The first step is to take (and pass) the class.

To pass, you must attend the entire class, take - and pass with a score of 80% or better - the written test. 

NOTE: The test may also be given Orally for those with learning difficulties, who are sight impaired, or for those who simply do not do written tests well.

The other requirements are:

Attend, and participate in the Outdoor LIVE-FIRE DEMONSTRATION given at the conclusion of the indoor classroom portion of the class. This is usually immediately following the test.

Hand-fire a Shell while being observed by a trainer to prove you know how to safely. This is part of the LIVE-FIRE DEMO.

Participate in ANY capacity (from helping with Prep, to Crew, to Senior Asst.) on FOUR DISPLAYS.

Be the LEAD under observation and supervision, or be the CO-LEAD Shooter on ONE DISPLAY.

NOTE: The "Co-Lead" position was created to allow Shooters the chance to be a Lead Shooter in locales which require you to be PGI Certified either to first obtain a Permit, or to be a "Lead of Record" on a 1.3G display. A "Co-Lead" works with the "Lead Shooter", and participates in ALL portions of the Display, from design, purchase, transport, prep, setup, and teardown.

Document those 5 Displays by obtaining the signature of the Lead Shooter or in some other manner.

NOTE: All 5 Displays MUST BE Legally Permitted, 1.3G Displays. Displays using only consumer fireworks do not count toward this certification requirement.

The Lead (or "Lead of Record") must sign off on each Display. Other documentation may be acceptable. NOTE: The Experience Recording Form is included in the mandatory classroom handbook  which you purchase when taking the class.

Send the completed application form and any documentation, along with a $10.00 processing fee to the address listed in the handbook, and on the form.