Do you (PGI Training) know when/where classes will be held, and when they will be on the Website?

PGI itself does not directly organize any classes other than the one course annually held the Wednesday of our convention week.   The PGI waits for the trainer(s) of each class to notify us.

Upon receiving the notice/intent of a trainer, the co-directors of the PGI D.O.C. (Display Operator Certification) Program, approve the class, make arrangements for class supplies, and instruct our Webmaster to post the class to the Website.

The notification from the trainer to the Directors usually occurs 4 to 6 weeks prior to the class. Our Webmaster is very good at adding classes to the site within 24 to 48 hours of us receiving notice.

It is suggested that you bookmark the upcoming classes, and frequently (once per week, or more often), check back to see what upcoming classes have been posted.

We thank you, and look forward to seeing you at a class in the future.