Do I need to become Certified, and why become Certified?

No, you are not required to become PGI Certified. The choice to become Certified depends on your individual circumstances.

Many shooters and crew members take this class even if they may never need Certification and never plan to be a LEAD SHOOTER. This training class provides a basic level of knowledge which we feel helps make you a safer, more informed shooter or crew member no matter what your role in displays.

The PGI D.O.C. Course was designed following NFPA Codes because virtually EVERY fireworks insurer and most states REQUIRE you to follow NFPA Codes.

If you are the LEAD SHOOTER of Displays, you may want to opt for Certification because:

  • The PGI Certification helps assure prospective clients, permit granting authorities, AHJs, your peers in the pyrotechnic community, and others that you know what you are doing.
  • It helps prove to prospective clients, or to permit granting authorities that you have been trained on compliance with current NFPA Codes. 
  • It verifies that you have, or have gained practical experience by actually working at least five displays. In certain venues, it is a pre-requisite to obtaining a Display Permit.
  • In some venues, it may serve in-lieu of being licensed as not all states issue display operator licenses.