Do I become Certified simply by attending a class?


PGI Certification is an OPTION that the class is merely a mandatory first step of.

While the PGI strongly recommends that everyone involved in Fireworks displays, even occasional private uses, complete this or other similar training, PGI's DOC is not the only option.

Training will arm you with valuable knowledge regarding the history, manufacture, legal transporting, setting up/operation/teardown, and other "how-to" information.

Certification though, involves far more than simply completing the one-day class. Certification by PGI as a Display Operator requires the following elements:

  1. Take the PGI course including all classroom instruction and live fire demonstration activities. Pass the exam with a score of at least 80%.
  2. Work as a crew member in a significant capacity on four displays. Then, serve as "lead operator" under supervision. When documenting your display experience on the application, please supply contact information and or certificates to help us verify your information. Displays using consumer fireworks (1.4G material) do NOT count toward display experience. ONLY displays that use commercial display fireworks counts as experience toward PGI certification.
  3. Download and complete the application or complete the application form at the back of the textbook and mail it to the address shown with $10.00 in fees payable to the PGI. If you prefer electronic or credit payment, please request same and the cert course director will provide instructions as to how you may do so. Please be certain to provide a complete address to which your credentials can be mailed. Please provide a phone number and email address as well.

Note: You do NOT have to be a PGI member to be PGI certified as a display operator, but, we would welcome your support and membership!