2021 Fee-Based Seminars

MUM Pyrotechnics

The Mum Pyrotechnics group is offering 4 different building events throughout the week.  They are 4" single petal shells (2 shells), 5" single petal ball shell with Pistil, 6" double petal shell and the Member Built National Anthem.

      We have previously offered the shell-building classes and are going to try to host the first member-built anthem display.  The 4" and 5" classes are for beginners, the 6" and Anthem build we prefer to have people sign up that have taken any of our previous classes either this year or other years, but we may accept no experience if you really want to be part of the team. 

      The Anthem build is going to happen from Sunday - Friday with a few hours dedicated to it each day.  We are well aware that a lot of people want to get their hands on live materials and build something themselves, so we are limiting the ball shell classes to only one per person.  So, if you sign up for the 4" class and get in, you will not be eligible for the other seminars (except the anthem).  Up to two people may sign up per single registration email, this gives more families a chance to participate without the risk of any single group taking all spaces ahead of time.  We will be accepting up to 14 participants for each of the ball shell classes in pre-registration and up to 20 for the National Anthem pre-reg.

           How to register?  Send the following information to mumpyro@gmail.com  STARTING AT 6:00pm Central Time Saturday, July 17 2021.  Any registration emails prior to that time will be ignored.

            Subjects:  4” Seminar Registration, 5" Seminar Registration, 6" Seminar Registration, Anthem Build Registration. (Whichever seminar you are registering for, only one subject per email)

      Participant #1: Name:

      Participant #1 Phone number:

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      Pre-registration will be accepted based on the timestamp of when the email is delivered and everyone who is accepted for registration needs to show up in-person to pay their fees on Saturday during seminar registration time.  If you are accepted into one of the seminars, you will receive a confirmation email in the next day or two.  We have not locked in the cost of participating in the anthem build event, but it will be no more than $100 per person.  If you have experience leading build teams and would like to volunteer to help act as a team leader for the National Anthem event, we can certainly use experienced individuals to help.  If so, please shoot me an email at any time to discuss the goals and needs.

     Derrick Miller

      Mum Pyrotechnics Group 

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2021 Fee-Based Seminars