PGI is led by an elected Board of Directors whose officers are active members of the organization. PGI’s board members are committed to PGI’s mission and are responsible for establishing and maintaining PGI’s vision.

PGI Officers

Paul Smith, President

John Steinberg, First Vice President

Carol Hostetter, Second Vice President

Craig Foster, Vice President of Communications

Eddie Hostetter, Secretary-Treasurer

Message From the President

Happy New Year, PGI!

Only 196 days until the start of our 2023 convention. 

One of the ways you can support this convention, even if you are not able to attend, is by sending a letter either via email or the postal system.  We are dealing with both the City of Oshkosh and the Town of Oshkosh due to the location of Sunnyview Expo Center. Please write letters indicating what you enjoy about the convention. You can mention how you enjoy visiting the local establishments and businesses and how a facility like Sunnyview welcoming us in is a real benefit both for our members and the community.

Those letters sent via USPS should be mailed before February 4 in advance of the February 8th meeting.

Those letters sent via email can be sent closer to the meeting date but will achieve more if sent by Feb 6th.

Send your email letters to the Town of Oshkosh Clerk, Jeannette Merten, at and  CC:

Mail your letters to:
     Adam Breest
     Director of Parks and Expo
     Winnebago County
     1076 Cozy Lane, Oshkosh WI 54901

Those PGI members in the Oshkosh area are encouraged to attend and make a brief statement at the public meeting. Communicate why you look forward to attending a convention at the Sunnyview Expo Center. The meeting location is at the J.P. Coughlin Center, 625 E County Rd Y, Oshkosh, WI, Room "B". Public input about the PGI convention will start at 6 pm on February 8th.

Please note the convention starts Saturday, August 12th, one of the later dates for the start of the annual convention. Due to the challenges of finalizing a sight this year, Sunnyview was not available until this week in August. Public display nights are on Sunday and Friday nights. JPA will still do its display on Wednesday night and other scheduled events will be like past conventions.

Let me encourage you to be thinking now about doing a seminar at the 2023 convention. More information will be sent out by our Seminar Chair, Dan Muzzey, in the near future. Sunnyview  has great facilities with nice rooms inside for doing seminars as well as open side buildings for live material seminars.

Please continue to send potential articles for the bulletin to Craig Foster our VP of Communication. Remember the size or number of pages in the bulletin has always been directly related to articles being submitted by the members. 

The PGI Display Fireworks Operator Certification Study Guides are available for purchase. Individual copies are available from Gretchen Demko, Membership Services Manager Pricing is $55.00/each, postage-paid delivery in the US.

For bulk orders please contact Edward Hostetter, Secretary/Treasurer Bulk copies are available, 7 books minimum, $45.00/each case price, plus shipping. All book orders must be prepaid, no returns allowed.  

Until next month, I hope this finds you surviving the winter temps or lack thereof and looking forward to the warm summer nights enjoying fireworks.

On behalf of the PGI Board,