Photo: Tom Handel

fireworks at night

Photo: Tom Calderwood


Photo: Tom Handel

Fireworks spiral

Photo: Tom Handel

fireworks at night

Who is PGI?

The Pyrotechnics Guild International (PGI) is an independent global organization of fireworks enthusiasts. We promote safe and responsible pyrotechnic practices, while helping hobbyists and experienced professionals share knowledge and channel their creativity into designing, making, and displaying high-quality fireworks.

What We Do

Since 1969

Since our founding in 1969, we’ve been dedicated to helping members do what they love with fireworks, legally and safely.

Family Oriented

PGI welcomes families! We encourage safe family participation, including special Junior memberships and learning opportunities for kids.

Safety Focused

Safety is always our number one goal. We maintain and teach safe practices so we can all continue to enjoy fireworks year after year.

Supporting Hobbyists

For hobbyists, there is a lot to know about safe practices and laws and regulations that affect buying, making, displaying, and transporting fireworks.

Education & Training

We provide a nationally recognized Display Operator Course, as well as seminars, articles, and hands-on classes with pyro experts.

Monitor Legislation

We monitor changes in federal and state fireworks laws and regulations and promote pyro-friendly legislation by helping lawmakers understand the hobbyist viewpoint.

Member Benefits

PGI members holding firework shells
  • Network with fireworks enthusiasts
  • Train with pyrotechnic professionals
  • Receive the PGI Bulletin five times per year, with dozens of articles from experts in the field
  • Access members-only online articles and resources
  • Attend exclusive webinars hosted by PGI and the Western Pyrotechnic Association
  • Register to attend our members-only annual convention