Well here we go, approaching the 2013 Convention. As Help-a-Pyro (HAP) founder and president, I am letting you know this fund has monies to help a pyro that is on hard times. If you have heavy medical expenses, or have lost your job, and are short of funds to attend the 2013 Convention, don't be shy. Give me or one of my HAP board members a call. Applications will be taken starting April 15, 2013.


You must have attended a convention within the last two years. You cannot be a repeat recipient. If funds are sent to you, you must attend the convention or return them.

HAP Contacts:

- West Coast

- Mid West

- South East

- South East

- North East

Thank you,

Bill Bahr

Please support the Help-a-Pyro with your donation.

Help-a-Pyro began over 10 years ago when it's Founder, Bill Bahr, our past PGI President, asked a close friend if he has his reservations for Convention. After learning his friend wouldn't be able to attend due to financial difficulties. So next year Bill printed up a batch of 50/50 Raffle Tickets and asked Tim Walczak and Flo to sell them, then with Ron Nojunas as Treasurer, Help-a-Pyro was born.

Over the years, Help-a-Pyro has allowed a number of PGI member to attend Convention that otherwise, would not have been able to. The Fund is fueled by the donations of PGI members and a 50/50 Raffle held at each years Convention, with the winner being drawn and the Convention Banquet.

On average HAP helps two to three people attend the Convention each year, occasionally helping an entire family continue their tradition of attending the PGI Convention. If you're willing to help the fund that directly helps our members, please send a check, payable to Help-a-Pyro to the HAP Treasurer, John Steinberg.

c/o John Steinberg
3944 Carthage Road
Randallstown, MD 21133

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