Past Results


Competition at the PGI Convention fosters interest in and promotes the development of the skill in the construction and display of pyrotechnic devices. Competition also gives our membership the opportunity to admire, study and better understand those devices.

Tentative Schedule

Sun (10th):

[1-D-C]    Best Large Cylinder Shell
[2-A-M]    Best Medium Rocket
[1-4]          Aerial Level 4
[1-B-B]    Best Medium Ball Shell
[2-C-S]    Best Small Rocket Motor
[1-A]    Best Small Shell
[3-E]    Best Roman Candle
[2-1]    Rocket Level 1
[1-1]     Aerial Level 1
[3-A-S]    Best Small Gerb

Mon (11th):

[1-AA]    Best Miniature Shell
[3-A-L]  Best Large Gerb
[4-B]    Best Small Class "C"
[3-D-S] Best Small Girandola
[3-1]    Ground Level 1
[3-B-L]  Best Large Comet
[1-D-B] Best Large Ball Shell
[1-C-C] Best Medium Large Cylinder Shell
[4-A]    Best Large Class "C"
[2-C-M]    Best Medium Rocket Motor
[1-C-B]  Best Medium Large Ball Shell
[2-A-S]  Best Small Rocket
[1-3]    Aerial Level 3
[2-2]    Rocket Level 2
[1-2]    Aerial Level 2
[3-B-S]  Best Small Comet
[3-H-S]  Best Small Mine

Tue (12th):

[3-F]    Best Lance Piece
[3-2]    Ground Level 2
[4-C]    Best Unlimited Class "C"
[1-6]    Aerial Level 6
[3-H-L]  Best Large Mine
[3-B-U] Best Unlimited Comet
[3-D-L]  Best Large Girandola
[1-5]    Aerial Level 5
[2-A-L]    Best Large Rocket
[1-B-C]    Best Medium Cylinder Shell
[2-3]    Rocket Level 3
[1-AB]    Best Beginner Shell

Wed (13th):

[3-3]    Ground Level 3
[3-C]    Best Wheel
[2-4]    Rocket Level 4
[3-G]    Best Movie Special Effect
[1-E-B] Best Exhibition Ball Shell
[2-C-L]  Best Large Rocket Motor
[1-E-C]  Best Exhibition Cylinder Shell
[3-D-U] Best Unlimited Girandola

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